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Choosing the right box

Like most things in business starting out choosing the right boxes for your brand depends on the numbers required and your budget.

Yes, it’s another numbers game!

If you’re just starting off on the Ecommerce trail and your product numbers are relatively low [under 500] with low to medium sales expectations, then an off-the-shelf design is probably right for you until your sales grow. There are numerous companies that supply off-the-shelf boxes of various sizes and shapes if you simply google local [let’s try and keep local when we can] packaging suppliers. Additionally, you may be able to brand them with accessories such as printed labels and/or internal extras like greeting cards or printed wrapping paper. Note: just remember here, every addition will add to your unit cost and possibly packing time, so you have to weigh up the perceived benefits.

If you’re predicting numbers of over, say, 1000 then you might want to look more closely at a bespoke design that can really make your product and branding sing. A bespoke design can be specifically made for the size and shape of your products possibly with extra security or protection as well as ‘stand out’ printing for internal and external brand messages that will sell your product not only to its target audience but to anyone who sees your box in the delivery process. Some suppliers like Manor Packaging offer extended client services and ‘hand-held’ guidance to make the complex cardboard engineering design and print processes flow a lot easier which can be a massive help when you have a business to run too.