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Stand Out and Get Noticed

Packaging keeps order and contains things. It could be anything from your tea bags, your tissues or your lipstick to your beer box, car parts or camera.

With the cataclysmic events of early 2020, retailers, although reopening, have suffered a massive loss in footfall. Limited entry, sanitizing everything and fitting rooms closed means the usually hardened shopper has stayed at home and had time to scroll through the myriad sales and offers of the online stores.

With the majority of people having a laptop or mobile they have the ability to buy what they need, when they need it and have it delivered to their door step or garage. This ease of purchasing from anywhere with a wifi signal has paid dividends for those pioneers who have planned and developed their Ecommerce businesses.

One thing that is missing from a lot of Ecommerce business is something that most of the ‘bricks and mortor’ shops offered, that being customer service and interior design or ‘THE EXPERIENCE’.

THE EXPERIENCE is critical if you are to engage customers and keep them coming back for more. And you can create that experience with packaging design and great branding messages.

A box is definitely not just a box as depicted in the excruciatingly awkward Rowen Atkinson scene in Love Actually.

A well designed and branded box has the ability to draw and create emotion if you utilise the space to its full potential. The messages you use, either graphically or with text, get you that ‘buy in’ from your customer and that in-turn can create loyalty and repeat business.

On we will endeavour to show you pictorial examples of how your packaging can help the customer experience and also give you independent articles from designers and brand creators that will encourage you to adopt new ways of thinking for your packaged brand.

In the mean time why don’t you find out about different printing methods for your boxes on this YouTube video.