Why packaging is integral to our brand marketing

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Here at Elephant Box, packaging offers a great way to reinforce our brand messaging. After all, it’s our last chance to make an impact on each customer before the product has to speak for itself!

Being a small business trying to stand out in the rapidly growing sustainable food storage sector, it’s essential that our packaging is ethical, memorable, and strikes the right tone with our customers. Here’s how packaging helps us to create a lasting connection:

It reinforces our sustainability message

Our packaging aligns with our ethos. It’s plastic-free, completely recyclable and minimal, making as little environmental impact as possible. We also ship our products in paper mailers or cardboard boxes with paper tape. Consumers are savvier than ever to brands talking the talk but not walking the walk when it comes to sustainability. For us, having sustainable packaging was another way to show them that we mean business when it comes to being part of the solution.

Our Clip & Seal lunchbox packaging made from recycled card

It increases brand recognition

Since our products are built to last and the branding on them is very minimal, packaging goes a long way to increasing brand recognition. We’re proud of our products, so we want to put our name on them – front and centre, without having it annoyingly plastered all over the product itself. For companies without large marketing budgets, like us, packaging design presents a huge opportunity.

The design is essential for brand positioning

Although our products are seriously strong and we take sustainability seriously, we didn’t want to be portrayed as a ‘serious’ brand. With our packaging design we have therefore tried to sprinkle on a little bit of joy and colour. Let’s face it, lunchboxes, water bottles, washing up bowls and cleaning products aren’t naturally associated with fun. Our loud branding, however, helps us to portray our quirky side, balancing a serious message with a light-hearted tone.