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Have you ever thought about how secure your boxes are when you send them out around the country?

It seems some brands have had box issues with inquisitive fingers during the transportation pathway and some have had product actually falling out of the box due to handling issues.

Manor Packaging has been looking at solutions for this problem and one example is a box that has an outer sleeve. First of all, this outer sleeve adds a second layer of protection for the internal product… but also a second layer of security.

A post size box with an outer sleeve for branding and security

The outer sleeve is easily applied by the packer with a line of tape and is also easily removed by the consumer pulling the rip tab to get to the main box.

Apart from the obvious protection and security you have double the surface area for branding and important brand messages, so the ‘consumer experience’ is much bigger.

A second example is a box designed with inner security flaps.

A double taped box with security flaps allows for ‘returns’ in the same box

Inner folding security flaps are able to deter any inquisitive fingers… or worst still, people trying to actually extract your products that shouldn’t! 

Additionally, these flaps help keep taping and sealing to a minimum as they stop loose product from falling out. Now that’s good design!

Check out the video here or if you’d like to talk more about extra security for your Ecommerce packaging call 01733 233884 or email