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plastic in our oceans

Manor Packaging are continuingly trying to help with the War On Plastic.

Plastic is ruining our planet and our lives and we need to try and get rid of it in all our packaging.

It’s estimated there’s about 180 million tonnes of plastic currently in our oceans and we are dumping a further 10 million tonnes a year on top of that. That means in ten years’ time there’ll be 280 million tonnes of plastic in our oceans. Think about that.

Our Oceans are full of plastic

With good design and manufacturing processes, corrugated card can replace the majority of plastics in packaging. It’s sustainable and recyclable and won’t end up in the food chain. And furthermore, your customers will be more loyal if you tell them how you have found a better packaging solution. 

So, if you have any packaging projects coming up PLEASE PLEASE think long and hard about how you can design your boxes to utilise corrugated card and eliminate plastics. Better still, ask us how we can do it for you!

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