Are You A Direct-To-Consumer (D2C) Brand? Try and use some of this research for your packaging…

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D2C packaging

Marketing company Proquo recently sent out a report which stated “In the UK, the opportunity spaces for D2C brands lie with justifying the value of your products (Value For Money) and standing out (Differentiation). Premium product releases are relevant here, as well as thinking up creative ways to make yourself stand out from the crowd. 

Packaging is so important for D2C food brands, as it has the potential to increase the trial of new products and create differentiation.

To boost your Value for Money, consider investing in alluring Packaging, as it can be a serious pull to get customers in the door or online to try your new products.

Our relationships with brands are driven by fundamental human-conditions – like whether we relate to how they conduct themselves, whether we think they understand how we feel, if we find them transparent and whether we feel they do the right thing. 

In fact, there are 16 different factors that determine this relationship. We refer to these
as the 16 Drivers of Relationships and they are responsible for establishing the type of relationship we have with a brand – determining whether or not we feel a positive quid pro quo with a brand. 

Understanding which Drivers are important within your category and for your consumers, is imperative for brand success. It might be your audience values Empathy above all, or that your category is clamouring for a higher Performance product, either way you can use these Drivers to guide your strategy, ensuring it’s in line with the latest customer needs.”

With D2C growing at such a fast rate, competition is only going to get more extreme. With the retailer not in the equation anymore how are you going to create the ‘customer experience’? WITH PACKAGING!

Yes, your website can create a good UX but the last thing your customer sees before your product is your packaging. So get it right early because loyalty is but a swipe of a phone.

If you want to know more about sustainable packaging that can project your brand values and create loyalty, this business will steer you in the right direction.