Is DTC The Future Of Retail?

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A recent article by André Brown, Founder & CEO at Advanced Commerce, said “Recently, there’s been a significant shift to Direct to Consumer (DTC or D2C) in retail. No longer must businesses rely on a middleman such as a department store, supermarket, or wholesaler. Instead, they can sell their products directly to customers via their own websites or physical shops.

This approach has been around since the late 2000s, when brands such as Bonobos and Glossier catered largely to Millennials who were keen to shop online. However the pandemic has accelerated the uptake of DTC retail as people of all ages are spending more time making purchases on the web – and are increasingly savvy when it comes to finding the best quality and prices. Now both well-established and new brands are making the switch.

But is DTC right for all businesses, and can we expect it to dominate retail in the future? First, let’s look at the benefits of DTC.”

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