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Introducing Ecommerce Boxes

Recyclable, reliable and resistant to damage during transit, corrugated cardboard Ecommerce boxes bespoke design and branding opportunities help retailers engage with their customers like never before.

As the War on Plastic wages on, corrugated cardboard manufacturers have been working diligently in the background to offer evermore sustainable packaging solutions.

With today’s consumers demanding a far more ethical, eco-friendly, yet still eminently affordable alternative to plastic packaging when it comes to their online orders, Ecommerce boxes constructed from 100% recyclable and biodegradable corrugated cardboard seems the obvious choice.

Plus, with the ability to boost your own brand-awareness with every box despatched, what’s not to like?

During my five years as Editor of Retail Packaging magazine, I was in the lucky position to experience the packaging industry evolve into what it is today, and also had the chance to witness today’s War on Plastic back when it was a mere skirmish. As public perception of packaging has now been irrevocably altered by the images seen on Blue Planet, addressing the eco-demands of governments and consumers alike is paramount.

All of which, and Ecommerce boxes’ part in this, is what we’re here to explore. So, if you want to up your environmental ante – and perhaps emulate the success of a little online order company called Amazon, read on…

Stuart Pritchard

Stuart Pritchard is a journalist and editor with over 20-years’ experience across market-leading newsstand and B2B print titles, and online. He has launched and run magazines on subjects as diverse as the luxury lifestyle sector, advanced home automation, the freehouse pub sector, shooting sports and, most relevant to this sector, spent five years as the Editor of Retail Packaging magazine, from 2014 to 2019.